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Travertine Yellow

Travertine Yellow

The Travertine Yellow is a yellow coloured travertine with an irregular background and natural holes, which is part of the travertine structure. This type of natural stone can assume slight colour variations with some darker and lighter shaded areas. The global supply demand for the Travertine Yellow has been growing in the last few years.


Just as the other types of travertine stones, the Travertine Yellow is very versatile stone and it can be used in basically every project. Though, it’s mostly recommended for cladding, flooring, stonework and bath design works. This is a stone that is mostly used for exterior projects.

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Yellow coloured travertine with an irregular background, natural holes and a well-defined vein. This is a quite popular natural stone with a large demand on the international market.

In terms of possible finishings, the Travertine Yellow is also very flexible and it accepts a wide range of techniques, including polished, honed and sandblasted. The first one is the most common as it considerably highlights the unique yellow vein.

This travertine comes from several medium-small dimension quarries located in Denizli, a southern area in Turkey. Due to the large demand from both internal and external markets, the quarries’ production level is generally high. The extraction is done through large blocks that can assume any kind of dimension.

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