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Travertine Walnut

Travertine Walnut

The Travertine Walnut is a non-standard travertine that is less popular than all the other travertine. It presents a beige tonality mixed with other colours such as green, blue and yellow. This is a very particular and unique type of travertine with an irregular background and a limited stock availability.


As a former travertine, this natural stone can be applied in nearly every project but the global trends dictate that the Travertine Walnut is mostly suitable for exterior applications, such as flooring, cladding, coverings and diverse decoration.

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Beige travertine with a strong presence of secondary tonalities like yellow, green and even blue. It presents an irregular background with a defined vein. The Travertine Walnut is a less known stone mostly due to its non-standard appearance and limited availability.

In terms of finishings, this travertine is capable of accepting several procedures. However, there are three main finishings that are often adopted: polished, honed and tumbled. This stone can also accept diver types of fillings.

The Travertine Walnut is a natural stone with a promising future. Even though it’s still quite unknown and fairly low on demand, it’s a stone with a great potential due to its unique features. In fact, the demand supply for this stone has increased in the past few years. The Travertine Walnut comes from the same quarries as the Travertine Beige or Classic located in Denizli, Turkey.

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