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Travertine Light

Travertine Light

The Travertine Light is one of the most popular travertine stones in the world and currently the number one in Turkey. This travertine presents a flawless appearance with a very balanced and uniform background, a thin grain and a light beige colour. In some cases there can occur a slight colour variation in terms of beige colour tones.


Due to its excellent features, this travertine can be used in nearly every project. However, it’s mostly recommended for indoors and garden applications such as flooring, cladding and covering projects. The Travertine Light can be supplied both with vein cut and cross cut.

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Light beige travertine stone with thin grain and a very uniform background. It might display slight variations in beige tonalities. This is a very high on-demand natural stone and one of the most famous worldwide.

Despite accepting a huge variety of finishings, the Travertine Light is commonly found in two forms: polished and split-face. The first is a general technique that can be applied to nearly every application and the second, is mostly recommended for exterior projects.

A genuinely Turkish travertine stone from Denizli, a southern location that encloses several quarries of large dimensions. Due to its popularity, this stone is extracted in huge quantities and it can be found in any form – blocks, slabs, titles, among others. There are two separated markets for the Travertine Light, the internal market in Turkey that receives a slightly lower grade variation and the export market, with a more clean and uniform product supply.

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