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Travertine Silver

Travertine Silver

The Travertine Silver is a light grey coloured travertine from Turkey, with a classical travertine structure and looks, but presenting a silver colour. This travertine presents a slight beige and blue tonality.


Despite not being a major type of travertine, the Travertine Silver has seen a considerable growth in demand in the past few years. It is commonly used on basically any kind of application, from flooring, coverings, to cladding and stonework.

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The Travertine Silver has become a more relevant type of travertine, mainly due to more intense commercial efforts, but also because of its own quality and beautiful look. This is a type of travertine to take into consideration in the future.

As a less known type of Travertine, the Travertine Silver has seen an exponential growth and demand worldwide. There are today very few quarries extracting this type of Travertine in Turkey, but demand keeps growing.

This is expected to become a big type of Travertine in the future.

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