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The Carrara marble presents a medium grain structure and a fairly uniform background. It might display slight colour variations in shades of grey but in general, it has a great white uniformity. This is a very hard marble with increased durability and an enormous potential for future growth, mostly due to its large availability and competitive price.


Despite being used mostly on interior applications, the Carrara marble can be used on about all sorts of projects, most notably interior flooring, coverings and diverse decoration.

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The Carrara marble has a low profile position on the market, when compared to other mainstream white marble from Turkey. Still, this natural stone is growing quickly due to a set of factors, such as a white uniformity, large availability and great pricing.

This marble is currently extracted by a few quarries in Turkey, all with a medium dimension. The extraction and production is still quite low but with a growing prospective.

Despite not being originally from Italy, Turkey extracts a white marble with striking similarities to the Italian Bianco Carrara marble. It is extracted by several quarries in Turkey and it shows a similar pattern and white background.

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