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Burdur Red

Burdur Red

The Burdur Red is a medium grain marble stone with a red colour and an irregular background. It presents an abundant white vein with strong signs of white calcite, which provides a very distinctive and elegant appearance. The colour intensity can vary from light to dark red. This natural stone is one of the most popular marbles in Turkey and it has a promising future in the international market.


Mostly used in interior applications, the Burdur Red has a fairly amount of possible uses, including flooring, coverings and bath designs. However, this marble is mostly used for interior floorings normally combined with other coloured stones.

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Red coloured marble with a medium grain, irregular background and strong traces of white calcite. This stone presents an abundant white vein and its red coloration can vary from light to darker tones. This is a Turkish marble with a quite notorious reputation.

There are several possible types of finishings for the Burdur Red, including polished, honed, sandblasted and even bush-hammered. But the most common ones are the polished and tumbled methods, mostly utilized in flooring and coverings.

Known as one of the most important coloured marbles in Turkey, the Burdur Red is a rising stone in both Turkish and international markets. This stone is extracted from a few medium sized quarries in Burdur, a fairly small location in Turkey.

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