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Negro Marquina

Negro Marquina

The Negro Marquina is beautiful and unique black coloured marble, with fine grain and occasional areas with white vein. It is extracted in Spain and is a preferential black marble to be used on flooring, coverings and diverse interior decoration.


We can supply tiles with different dimensions, as well as cladding panels and some interior decoration work.

Price: £43.00


The Negro Marquina is a black coloured marble, with fine grain and occasional areas with white vein and fossil remains. It presents a very dark black coloured and uniform background. Its main variations depend on the intensity of the black colour, abundance of white vein and white fossils.

In terms of hardness, the Negro Marquina is considered a hard natural stone. It is commonly used on flooring, coverings and bath design. It can also be found on cladding.

The most recommended finishings are the polished, bush-hammered, sandblasted or tumbled.

We can supply tiles with any sizes, as well as steps and skirtings.

The Negro Marquina marble is explored by few quarries around the town of Marquina, located in the northern part of Spain. The quarries are considered of large dimension, from where large blocks are extracted. It is estimated that there are large reserves of this marble for the future exploration.

The Negro Marquina is one of the most important marbles from Spain, having a very strong and well established market both in Spain and throughout the World. It is considered a reference Spanish black marble, having conquered designers and architects from different corners of the World.

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