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Crema Nova

Crema Nova

The Crema Nova is a light beige coloured marble with medium grain and a fairly uniform background. The Crema Nova is an emergent marble stone from Turkey with a high demand on both Turkish and international markets.


The Crema Nova has a wide range of possible applications, however it is most recommended for interior projects and flooring. Other applications include coverings, cladding, some bath design and stonework.

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The Crema Nova is a light beige marble with a medium grain and a fairly uniform background. This stone can present occasional background divergences by the appearance of darker or lighter areas, a peculiar feature of the Crema Nova natural stone.

The Crema Nova accepts several types of variations which directly depend on the type of grain and background uniformity. These variations can be: polished, honed, sandblasted and bush-hammered. However, the most common variation is polished, a method that drastically increases the natural brightness of the stone.

With a prominent reputation as one of the most relevant beige marbles from Turkey, the Crema Nova has conquered both Turkish and international markets. In fact, this marble is already considered by many as a potential candidate to replace the Crema Marfil from Spain, which is currently the most relevant beige marble on the international market.

The Crema Nova is extracted from different quarries all over Turkey and some of them have become quite large in dimension. The extracted blocks can have pretty much any dimension. This marble has a large market both in Turkey and abroad, which implies a relatively high demand with an equally high supply.

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