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Limra Classic

Limra Classic

The Limra Classic is a white coloured limestone with a uniform background and a thin grain. This type of Limra limestone presents a particularly uniform background and a well-defined grain. It might contain a few darker or lighter spots but overall it’s a very white natural stone.


This limestone has conquered the world with its exuberant features and is currently by far the most important and on-demand limestone from Turkey. In terms of applications, the Limra Classic is mostly recommended for cladding, coverings, mansory and stonework.

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The Limra classic displays a very pure and genuine white colour with a clean and persistent background. There can be small divergences in the background in terms of brightness and clarity but it’s not a common feature.

This limestone accepts diverse types of finishings: polished, bush-hammered, thin cut and thick cut. Despite these four variations, the most common is the polished finishing, which considerably increases the natural brightness of the stone.

Mainly a Turkish limestone, the Limra Classic is one of the few real limestones with an extremely high-demand. It is extracted near Antalya, a location in the south of the country.

There are several quarries in this area that extract large blocks, which normally come prepared for exportation – in slabs of 2-3cms thickness.

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