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Moleanos Blue

Moleanos Blue

The Moleanos Blue is a light grey/pale blue limestone with a medium grain and a quite uniform background. It can present certain clear signs of fossils throughout its surface as well as brownish spots. The colour range and intensify depends on the amount on fossils present in the stone. With a former moleanos structure, this blue variation is extremely flexible and incredibly popular for all types of applications.


There are basically no restrictions in terms of possible finishings. The Moleanos Blue is one of the most versatile limestones and as so, it accepts nearly every existent finishing. The most common ones are: polished, sandblasted and brushed.

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Gray limestone with blue and beige tonalities. It displays a medium grain with a fairly uniform background, great harshness and occasional brownish spots. It normally displays clear signs of fossils, which can affect the colouration range and displacement. This is a quite popular limestone that has a wide range of finishings and applications.

Despite the large range of possible applications for this stone variation, it is common to find this limestone in flooring with moderate use, as well as in cladding, stonework, masonry and even some interior decoration projects.

The Moleanos Blue has been achieving a certain notoriety among the international markets in the last few years. It currently has a huge demand from markets like the United Kingdom, US, Asia and Middle East. With Portuguese origins, this grey limestone comes from several medium-sized quarries located in Aljubarrota.

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