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Moleanos B1

Moleanos B1

The Moleanos B1 is a blue-grey limestone with a fine grain and a fairly uniform background. It can present a slight colour variation with tones of brown and yellow. It’s a quite hard stone that is suitable for nearly every type of application. This is a variation of the Moleanos limestone and it’s extracted from the Portuguese quarries.


Extremely versatile and capable of accepting basically every finishing, the Moleanos B1 is often a subject of the four following methods: polished, bush-hammered, scratched and even flamed, a harsh technique accepted by a very limited amount of Portuguese limestones.

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Blue-grey limestone and a close variation of the Moleanos that presents a fine grain and a quite uniform background. It might contain slight colour deviations in yellow and brown tonalities. This Portuguese natural stone is quite durable and suitable for most finishings and applications.

Due to its resilient composition and subtle appearance in colour and uniformity, the Moleanos B1 is probably the most technically suitable limestone for all type of projects, from exterior cladding to interior floorings.

With a solid background in the Portuguese market, the Moleanos B1 has been growing on demand in the international markets, especially in the last few years. This is a genuinely Portuguese limestone that is extracted from medium size quarries in the Aljubarrota area. The extraction includes blocks of all types of dimensions.

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