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Jura Limestone Vein

Jura Limestone Vein

The Jura Limestone Vein is a light beige limestone with a defined parallel vein, medium grain and a fairly uniform background. This is a direct variation of the Jura Beige Light but with a strategically vein-cut, providing a different appearance and structure compared to other Jura Limestones. Originally from Germany, this stone has attained a certain recognition in the international market.


This light natural stone has an average tolerance to different types of finishings. Still, the most recommended are the polished, honed, brushed and sandblasted. On the other hand, the most utilized is definitely the polished finishing due to the application tendencies of this stone.

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Light beige limestone with a great hardness, medium grain, quite uniform background and a characteristic vein, which is darker and parallel. It also presents strong signs of fossils displayed in a darker colour. The Jura Limestone Vein is a limestone variation that is shaped differently from its original stone, the Jura Beige Light. As the blocks are vein-cut, the whole structure and appearance changes.

In terms of applications, the Jura Limestone Vein is normally used in interior projects, including flooring, coverings, cladding and stonework. It can also be applied outdoors but with some limitations.

Reference limestone from Germany with a certain prestige in the international market. It is considered one of the most exclusive types of Jura limestone, as there is a limited supply. This stone has increased its popularity mainly due to its extraordinary hardness and unique appearance. The Jura Limestone Vein has a more marginal extraction and production and is extracted from several quarries in Bavaria, Germany.

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