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Directly from the source

Globalstoneshop supplies all natural stones directly from the source to the final client. This means that if you order today, we will start production on the factories that are located near the quarries where the natural stone is extracted.


Supply structure

Globalstoneshop has preferential agreements with several quarries and partnership with several factories located in different countries, in order to guarantee that all our clients have the quality, on-time delivery and service they expect… all this directly from the source. On buying your natural stones with Globalstoneshop, you are in fact doing an import directly from the country where the natural stone is originally from (with exception with the Irish limestones, which are manufactured in Portugal).


In addition to supplying natural stone tiles to retail clients, we are also specialized on the natural stone supply for large scale projects to companies, builder and project developers. This gives us an advantage of having considerable access to the natural stone with the quarries, large quantities of blocks and slabs, as well as a vast know-how of the stone.




All our factories are located near the quarries where the natural stone is extracted. You can find the factories in:
Spain (one factory near eastern city of Alicante; one factory near the southeastern city of Almeria; one factory near the northwestern city of Coruna)
- Portugal (one factory near the southwestern city of Santarem; one factory near the southwestern city of Sintra)
- Italy (one factory near the northern city of Verona)
- Germany (one factory near the city of Nuremberg)
- Turkey (several factories throughout Turkey)




The production of all natural stone tiles and finished products is done on our factories. The production is done with the highest standards used on the manufacturing of natural stones. We have standard production, quality control and packaging procedures on all our factories. If your natural stones are produced on our factory in Germany or in Portugal, you will receive the product with the exact same quality, packaging and high standard.


The final stage of our supply is the delivery, which is done directly from the factory to the clients door on the UK.

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