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Globalstoneshop is an online catalogue of tiles and finished products in natural stone. It is part of a larger company named Guzto, which is specialized on the supply of natural stone for larger public and commercial projects. Globalstoneshop is the retail natural stone supplier, focussed exclusively on the supply to the UK market.


Our company is not based on the UK, but in Portugal, where it has its main office for the quality control, logistics, commercial support and customer service.


All the production of tiles and finished products is done on several factories located in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany. From these factories, we supply directly to clients all over the UK. Additionally, we do not sell online. All our sales are done directly with the client by email and telephone.



By supplying directly from the source, Globalstoneshop manages to cut the middlemen. This lowers costs, increases quality and allows the final client to be in touch with the production process. With Globalstoneshop, the client tells us what to do with his/her natural stone project. From a simple standard-sized tiles supply to a complex custom made project, we can do pretty much anything in natural stone. And all this is done with great quality and an extremely competitive price, because with us there are no middlemen.



In addition to the production and supply of natural stones, Globalstoneshop can also organize transport from the factories to any location on the UK. We can organize delivery to the clients house, door-to-door. Globalstoneshop does not do installation, it is 100% focussed on the production, supply and delivery of natural stone tiles and finished products.



If you have any needs in terms of natural stone tiles and other finished products, feel free to contact us. We will be able to give you all the necessary support to make sure you natural stone project will become your dream project.

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